Hydraulics make the connection between machine power and job productivity. The Cat hydraulics advantage starts with quality components that can deliver higher pressure thresholds than competitors. They’re built to meet the exacting specs of Cat equipment—from power and responsiveness to breakout force and speed.

Don’t have a Cat? No problem! We also service most popular brands of cylinders, pumps, motors, and our hose assemblies are made to order, in-house. Ask us for a consultation on your specific cylinder, pump, or hydraulic motor.

Our services include:

Cylinder Rebuilds

  • Reseal

  • Rebearing

  • Rod polishing

  • Barrel resurfacing (cross hatch, light, & production hone)

  • Rod chroming

  • Pressure testing

Pump and Motor Rebuilds

  • Reseal
  • Rebearing
  • Shaft polish
  • Shaft and housing resurface/plating
  • Individual components

Hose Builds

  • Hose consultation
  • Reverse engineer & rebuild
  • Low-medium pressure hoses
  • High pressure hoses
  • High temperature hoses
  • Single piece couplings
  • High vibration couplings
  • Two piece, reusable couplings
  • Armor protection
  • Expert assembly

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